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"The best time to start cloud computing was 5 years ago. The second best time is now"

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EP 3 - Cloud Career and Certification Live
This live stream is the third event we have organized to share the journey of our cloud thought leaders and understand how we can prepare for the upcoming tough time, i.e., we are hearing...
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AWS Networking Specialty Beta Exam Experience
AWS certifications are de facto in the industry nowadays, and they set the benchmark that other cloud providers are following. However, with the maturity of services and adoption with...
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Cloud Podcasts Every Learner Must Listen
Learning cloud via Podcasts is the easy way I follow, when ever I go out for walk most of the time I listen to various Podcast episodes to make my walk effective. sometimes I listed...
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Learn Google Cloud Platform in Right Way with Sathish VJ
Sathish VJ is 13x Google Cloud Certified, Google Authorized Trainer and Google Developer Expert in GCP, In this talk he shared about his 20 years of journey and how he is learning Cloud...
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Learn Cloud in Right Way - Steps to become Successful in Cloud Computing with Turja N Chaudhuri
From Android Developer to Associate Cloud Director JOurney Turja N started his career as Android Developer and then he comes out of this comfort zone to learn about Cloud, He started...
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Failed Microsoft Azure AZ-140 Certification Exam
Disclaimer – I got a free voucher and Its not advisable to take exam until you feel really confident. Recently I started exploring Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Solution which...
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Everyone needs to start their journey at some point in their life and I took decision while completing my college to start my career in cloud computing and now it become passion to learn, work and share about cloud computing with world.

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I like to grab a coffee and pizza slice, Although its can be virtual but I love to talk and know about your journey. 

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