Learn Cloud Computing In Public

We usually hesitate to share our goals in public, but I experience that sharing your learning goals in public will help a lot.

Everyone is learning cloud computing and getting certified, but it is good to show it on your social media profiles rather than only on resumes. You may land to a new opportunity if you start sharing your learning in public and make the commitment to complete the exam or build your new project and share that learning in public.

I was also shy back in 2014 and always feared posting anything on social media. The fear was that I was not good at English writing and people might make fun if I posted anything, but slowly I started writing and using online tools to improve grammar. It helps me to overcome my fear.

The same logic I applied to post my cloud computing learning and I see people started connecting with me, which is helping me to improve my communication as well learning new things from everyone.

I encourage everyone, if you are learning cloud computing, even the basics, do share in public (my first youtube video is on setting up AWS EC2 instance); everyone is unique in sharing their knowledge, so don’t be shy.

This year’s goals list is below.

  1. Become an expert in cloud presales role.
  2. Improve my vocabulary and writing skills
  3. Getting into the right body shape as per my age recommendation.

I will update this post regularly as I will progress to achieve my goals.

Happy cloud learning and sharing.

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