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I am big fan of following video tutorials, since 2013 I started watching Microsoft virtual academy regular training to learn Windows Azure at that time and to date still I am following the video tutorials but in mid of 2019 a change happend in my way to learning and I started following podcasts which is helping me to learn quicker and more efficient way.

In this post I am going to share the list of podcasts which I am following to learn on regular basis. Its mix of technical and business related because to know the importance of cloud market is valuable more than the technical how of the service implementation as per my role, it maybe different for you but you can decided which podcasts will be helpful for you.

  1. by Mike P
  2. Screaming in the Cloud
  3. AWS Morning Berif
  4. The AI in Business Podcast
  5. Cloudonaut
  6. On Cloud
  7. Cloud Security Podcast
  8. Google Cloud Platform Podcast
  9. AWS Podcast
  10. The Azure Podcast
  11. The Azure Security Podcast
  12. CloudWars live with Bob Evans
  13. Where the internet lives
  14. CloudBusting Podcast
  15. Tech Career Podcast
  16. AWS Industrial Insights
  17. Cybr Podcast
  18. Serverless Chats
  19. Hard Fork The New York Times

I will update the list regularly but try to find which one will benefit you, Few podcasts are no longer live i.e but the episodes are still relevant, which he covered with all the guest speakers. PS: I also appeared in episode 91 of podcast.

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